Thursday, July 15, 2010

Right Some Good, Visit Arabella Proffer's Art Sale!

Arabella makes some killer art and needs a little help. From an email she sent me-

"As some of you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with cancer (an aggressive version of lipo sarcoma) a few weeks ago.
So to celebrate the fun cancerous tumor poking out of me, and help pay for those odd things insurance won't cover, I'm having a one-day super sale on over 20 original unframed drawings for only 
$30! These will be various sizes, colors, materials and subject matter. This gives me a great way of unloading lots of sketches and drawings that don’t get exhibited or are sitting in a box doing nothing.

I’m not one to ask for charity of any sort, but reality has set in, and because of my unpredictable treatment schedules I am working on commissions at a much slower pace as well as unable to teach or do personal instruction until late fall. So I thought a sale of drawings gives you good people something original and affordable, while at the same time, doesn’t make me look like a total mooch! Win-win for all!

The sale will open on Wednesday, July 28th beginning at Noon EST. I will be listing everything with a title, description and PayPal button at The price includes shipping. At Midnight the sale will end and everything taken down. So there you have it!"

Check it out, buy some cool art and do a good thing!

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