Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sweet Strokes of Zoe Lacchei

Clicking around for Valentine's related art I was lucky enough to find Zoe. A true eclectic twist for the love day- from geishas to sexy vixens to the trans-gender darkness of Marilyn Manson (below), this artist rocks. Sweet, but not Hallmark sweet, just the bittersweet way we like it.

From her biography -
Zoe Lacchei grew up in a small town near Rome, kind of a quiet place far from the chaos of the city, where her bashful and introvert character probably originates and made her an atypical human being.
Being isolated has given her a great abstraction and escapism ability, two characteristics which form the basis of her work as an adult. After high school, rather than attending regular academic courses, she focused on the subjects she loved the most, such as human anatomy and Japanese culture.... If she hadn’t come in contact with this world her artistic production would have been very different.

With deft and beguiling strokes, Zoe Lacchei composes elegant and precise images of uncommon grace and beauty. Obviously influenced by Japanese classical rendering and modern day cartoon styles, her line work is studied and superb with graceful, free flowing ease.

After adding a few to the new Eclectix website re-do, I realized she had just too much good stuff to edit it, so here we go. Feast your sweet libido on these puppies.