Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MUST SEE L.A.: Camille Rose Garcia Show Ends This Saturday! Eclectix Took Some Detail Shots To Share

Camille's current exhibit at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, is not to be missed. I was left stunned and gasping by the quality, imagination and execution of her latest body of works - "Snow White and the Black Lagoon".  These works can take the wind out of any artist's sails by their sheer magnificence. Not to say that I am not a HUGE fan of all her prior works, but this show exceeded all expectations and was just incredibly beautiful and moving.

Really loved her ink and paper works, as well as the larger paintings, the flow and ease of her stroke just kidnaps the viewer down a river of imagination. In the paintings - she detailed and pimped out every square inch, nothing was left wanting more. I am not sure but I think she actually painted in the wood grain in the backgrounds! To top it all off they glistened and sparkled with thick layers of glossy marine resin. Since there are a lot of images of the entire paintings out there on the web, I thought I would just share a lot of cropped, detail shots with you.  The web often lacks a close enough look at artist's works to see technique and Camille's eye candy deserves a scrumptious study. Go see this show if it's the only one you go to this year! It closes Saturday - April 9th, 2011.

Wood grain detail

And her elegant paper works, below...

New Art: JennyBird Alcantara's Glass House Girls

Had to share this friggin' utterly fantastic new piece by JennyBird Alcantara. It is for the upcoming La Luz de Jesus Gallery, 25 year anniversary show in Oct. and Nov., 2011. They will be creating a book of all the work for this extraordinary show and Eclectix thinks this should be the cover! What do you think?

It is oil on wood and titled 'Glass House Girls Make Good Warriors" The unframed size is 15"x23" Please contact the gallery if you are interested in this work.