Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jeff Gillette: "Dismayland" Awakes Our Apathyland

Jeff's art is the kind of home grown surreal imagery that touches the soul of this OC outcast. Along with other OC captives-turned-artists, Camille Rose Garcia, No Doubt and Social Distortion, he captures the wasteland that inspires rebellious commentary and attitude. I first became acquainted with his art thru his wife's wonderful assemblages. Won't bust their privacy here by mentioning names but they are an artist couple to be contended with, both are equally talented and fantastically creative originals in very different realms.

Part futuristic predictions of the Anaheim to come, part social commentary on the disparity between poverty and "having fun" behind the Orange Curtain, Jeff's work paints the panoramas only the real desperate housewives can relate to. He reminds us that our American  pursuits and commercialism are only enabled by the shanty town workforces in other countries. This juxtaposition of imagery drives home the results this consumerism may have in our future, a science fiction that's not too far from a non-fiction reality. With another twist, the fun and familiar cartoon images of our youth, sprinkled among the ruins, spark a warm note of nostalgia.

If I was in SoCal now I would be shaking my butt down to see this show before it's taken down. It will be up until May 1st, 2010 for all you folks in the vicinity.
Link To Gallery: