Friday, June 12, 2009

Isabel Samaras - In Da' House at Eclectix Gallery, June 20th!

If you're not familiar with Samaras's art you should be. A fixture in the Newbrow (or lowbrow) art scene for many years, Isabel has contributed her feminine wiles to the (more-often-than-not) male contemporary art world with fantastic and creative masterpieces of pop-surrealism. Her new book is titled "On Tender Hooks", just released by Chronicle. In it, you will be able to journey thru her works, past and present. Pulling images from pop culture, classic novels, TV shows, music and movies, she intelligently plays with icons and symbols of our youth and history. Putting well-known characters in fun, erotic, political and evocative situations we can only try to fantasize about. With witty settings and twists on personas, she leads us through her imaginative land of strange and wonderful juxtapositions. Painting in a lush and vibrant style, borrowing heavily from famous Old Master paintings and classic surrealist imagery, she merges  "now" into the old. 
In her latest body of work, "Into the Woodz", Samaras turns her keen eye and thoughtful humor towards classic fairy tale characters and plots. Plucking well-known types such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks from their traditional settings, she injects them full of today's bling and sting. 
Blogged here, are just a few of her paintings, however she has a whole book full! The web can hardly do justice to her art (or any art for that matter), so to view some REAL paintings in person and to meet the REAL live artist herself, come on down to Eclectix on June 20th. A connected, down-to-earth, involved, wonderfully fun person, she's a treat to meet! You may grab a copy of her book there and have the diva do a little doodle in it. Also, check out the very cool, limited edition "Nutz" china plates by Samaras. "Bling Squirrel", anyone? Plenty in the house for you all to eat up! Buy one for Papa Bear, after all Father's Day is the 21st, (he can always use more bling) and you can help support Eclectix as well!

Saturday June 20th, 6-8 pm