Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eclectix Issue No.5, Nightmares Before Xmas

Dan Harding

Our fantastic fantasy exhibit of the best of all the "dark art" out there. Need labels? How about - scary, creepy, Halloween, evil, and goth. Chock full of scary monsters and super freaks, devils, blood, ghouls, skeletons, monsters, witches, bones and vampires by all the best newbrow, nobrow and lowbrow artists out there.
Online now HERE.
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Artists Included (so far... and more to come!) -
Adnrey, Dave Aikins, Bundy Al, Jennybird Alcantara, Suliman Almawash, Amy Kollar Anderson, Esao Andrews, Carrie Ann Baade, Tom Bagshaw, Shawn Barber, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Christine Benjamin, Brom, Marc Burckhardt, Nicolas Caesar, CW Carter, Santiago Caruso, Sean Chappell, Sue Coe,  Anita Collins, Coop, Corey Corcoran, Mike Davis, Jenny Dayton, Sheri DeBow, Dave Decaro, Sarah Dolby, Camille Rose Garcia, Frank Garvey, Kelly Haigh, Dan Harding, Sean Harty, Gottfried Helnwein, Joshua Hoffine, Michael Hussar, Inertiak, Malgorzata Jasinska,  Jessica Joslin, Marcin Klicki, Nick Kushner, Eric Lacombe, Craig LaRotonda, Jason Levesque, Paul Lewin, Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Eric Orhun, Chris Mars, Elizabeth McGrath, Mia Makila, Angie Mason, Matt Mahurin, Brandi Milne, Mike Nash, Chris Parks, Petrushka,  Ravenar, Cate Rangel, Bonni Reid, Jenifer Renzel, Mark Ryden, Isabel Samaras, Maya Samuels, John Santerineross, Scott Saw, John Seabury, James Guinevan Seymour, Pete Schlasser, Natalie Shau, Ian Strawn, James Wolf Strehle, G. Edwin Taylor, Strephon Taylor, Anwar Vazquez, Jessica Ward, Edward Walton Wilcox, Joel Peter Witkin, Martin Wittfooth, Jasmine Worth, Genevive Zacconi, Chet Zar

New Eclectix Interview With Dean McDowell

"Dean is an exceptional newbrow artist who has shown works with Eclectix in the past. His acrylic portraits have a wonderfully deep base of fleshy, thick textures and layered strokes, hints of mummy wrappings. The images evoke emotion, red eyed from crying, some bruised and bloodied by life or it’s vampires, some lipstick smeared and hinting of violent encounters. They may have been victims, hardened by abuse; becoming cold and indifferent as a form of self-defense and survival. In spite of it all, beautiful and sensual colors bleed through, and a strong and silent resolve seems to mature..."