Friday, February 19, 2010

Mo' Love: Fourth 'Popgun' Book Cover Art

Stopped dead in my tracks by the cover art for the next Popgun issue. This piece is by "Choker" artist Ben Templesmith. Just had to add it to the heart and love theme going on here lately...

"We wanted to make [the fourth 'Popgun' installment] even more eclectic and exciting and bigger than the previous volumes,"  Kirkbride (editor) told CBR about his goals for the volume.
"In terms of the first two goals, I do think we achieved them, to be honest. There are so many different styles and tones for each story in this collection, it's kind of overwhelming, in the best possible way. We continue to find great and varied talent, which is what makes these books work. We're very lucky that so many excellent creators, new and established, are interested in working with us."    - Josh Wigler, CBR

To celebrate, Meltdown Comics in Hollywood and Jim Hanley's Universe in NYC are throwing release parties on February 24th! Drop by to meet the creators, eat, drink and and listen to groovy music.

For Info and to RSVP, go to Facebook here...