Sunday, January 8, 2012

A David Bowie Portrait Gallery

Craig La Rotonda

David Bowie is often named (by artists I talk with), more than any other artist, as a huge inspiration. He has been a catalyst for so much music, fashion and art since he first appeared on the radar. One of the truly original, creative and amazing artistic personas to have graced our rock and roll world. He broke more social boundaries and influenced more art than anyone else in my lifetime. Been meaning to post on his birthday for the last few years, this collection of Bowie related art, and finally have done so. 
Thanks for falling to our earth, David!

Andreas Reimann Tobias Hermeling

Carlos Ramos

Tara McPherson

Chris Wahl

Patricia Mitchell

Ed Van der Linden

Jordan M Designs

Justin Charles Seeley

Mark Hammermeister

Nachan, Deviant Art 
Iain Reekie

Ring of Fire, Deviant Art

Jenny Dayton

Tim Gabor

Patricia Mitchell

Soljwf98, Deviant Art

Adam Beane




Russell Pierce

Chris Zajko

Cassia Lupo

Gustavo Brigante 

Rex Ray

Gavin O Donohue

Alberto Russo