Thursday, May 26, 2011

Victorian Meets Peep Show, The Collages of Vahge

New York based artist Vahge creates wondrous collages, most with more than a touch of Victoriana-meets-modern-girl. Other influences invade with hints of girly magazines, steampunk, anthropomorphic critters, fashion hazards  and skeletal elements. They almost feel like historical documents,  tattered and worn snapshot tapestries. With delicate yet strong imagery, they are wise and sullen ladies who dare. Her work is all cut and paste, old style. Unlike most newer digital works, the tactile collage feel survives, popping the edges through-out her imagery.

“Vahge celebrates oddity with elegance.”

Some images cropped to show detail.
Vahge's website - LINK

Originally published in Eclectix, May 2011 with the "Paper & Art" Issue, Volume 7