Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exhibit Alert! Camille Rose Garcia at Michael Kohn Gallery

Coming up in  at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles is a show of new works by the ever lovely Camille Rose Garcia. Titled "Snow White and the Black Lagoon", this is a show not to be missed! Opening reception is March 12th, 2011 from 6-9 pm, the exhibition is up until April 9th.

Eclectix Interview With Pamela Wilson, Artiste!

Pamela is one of the most incredible painters out there today, I could stare at her images on a slideshow loop endlessly....

From Pamela: “I recently read a Chuck Close quote:"Inspiration is for amateurs. The pros just show up for work." Inspiration and work are both necessary and equal parts of anything worth making.. I guess that's what I do- show up for work. 
On GOOD days- I get some coffee, head directly to the studio at 8:00AM, turn on some Tom Waits, work my fingers to the bone, run five miles on the beach (I live in God's country- Santa Barbara, CA), eat like a health nut,  pat myself on the back, pat my dogs on the head, and read myself to sleep. 
On MOST days, I drag myself to the studio by 10:30AM (twenty-two feet from my back door), turn on some Tom Waits,  stress myself over deadlines yet unmet and paintings that will never be done, scold myself for not being Jeremy Geddes, eat crap because I'm too hungry or lazy to care, virtually ignore my dogs and the laundry, paint until midnight, and stay up even later watching “O Brother Where Art Thou” until I forget my troubles, and fall asleep.....”