Monday, January 23, 2012

Lacey Bryant's Silent Country

Lacey Bryant and one of her art dolls- "Mother" . This one totally reminded me of Jill Clayburgh, the actress...

We were happy to make it to the opening of Lacey Bryant's current exhibition at Modern Eden. Having seen her works numerous times over the last few years, at many different Bay Area venues, they always stood out with her identifiable style. Modern Eden graciously dedicated their entire gallery space to Lacey for this well-deserved solo exhibition -  "Soliloquies from the Silent Country" .

Her works have a strong painterly feel, lots of wet brushstrokes and emotive subject matter. Bits of dark angst mingle with surreal animal transformations and fairy tales. They feature young women in various states of expression or contemplations - often interacting with nature in some way. I love the fact that her works accomplish such impact and feeling - without gratuitous nudity or sexual poses. It sets her works apart from the more predictable, sexy yet shallow, imagery out there. One feels that all these women are aspects of Lacey's pschye, floating and captured within their own moment of time.


In addition to the paintings are some very marvelous dolls (see very top photo & below). The subtle character expressed in the doll's faces give them a lovable, human aspect - their skin glows dirty with life and sass. They offer up special gifts, recessed in their hearts or in their peasant-like attire. Photographs do not begin to translate their charm in person.

Lacey is a sweet sprite, energetic and full of positive vibrations - open, non-pretentious and bubbling with humanity. It was a joy to meet her and all her artworks. This exhibition is up through Feb. 5th, 2012.

Lacey and "Accomplices"

This one was my personal favorite, titled "Doubt".

The musical entertainment was by provided by an alt-folk trio, The Wild Reeds and they provided some good ole' down-home comfort music. 

The Wild Reeds