Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tinted by Tar & THC, the Sepia Collages of Cliff Maynard

Talk about recycling! 
Eclectix featured artist - Cliff Maynard uses the paper from roaches to compose his artworks. Tiny little frail pieces from roaches are taken and flattened, sorted according to color and then carefully arranged and glued into the final image. Each piece of paper resembles a watercolor brushstroke in the completed works, with the layering adding a textured and mottled depth. The process is slow and methodical, with images taking hundreds of pieces to complete. The results are beautiful, subtle colorations of sepia, ranging from the darkest almost-black browns to light pale tans and golds.
“I was studying mosaics in school” recalls Cliff. “I just remember sort of making this connection in my head between the tiles and roach papers.”

Originally posted in the Eclectix BURN Issue, July 2011,
 along with the permanent online exhibit of fire-related art, LINK HERE.