Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jill Greenberg Kickin' Some Artsy Ass

Would love to see this show - so all you LAliens, get on out there! 
Jill has a killer portfolio and a show titled "Commentary & Dissent" just leaves it wide open for delicious. Opens this Saturday.

"The Air We Breathe", Gay Marriage at SF Moma

Over the holidays we visited SF Moma and were very pleasantly surprised by this exhibit, covering one long wall as you emerge from the stairs. You don't often see "gay art" in a museum and I guess SF is the place to do it. Sad that it is edited out or censored elsewhere, art is art, wherever and whatever it conveys. It was refreshing to see same-sex imagery, thrust in the art-going public's face and confronting the inane bigotry around who-marries-who. 

 The show is up thru Feb. 20th, 2012. From the museum's website:
"The Air We Breathe brings together visual artists and poets to reflect on the subject of equal rights for same-sex couples, including the right to marry. The exhibition features works by artists including D-L Alvarez, Simon Fujiwara, Robert Gober, Raymond Pettibon, Amy Sillman, and Allison Smith, along with new poetry by John Ashbery, Anne Waldman, and others."

The 3D piece titled after the exhibition, The Air We Breathe by Elliott Hundley was a show stopper! Composed of eclectic elements, collaged and many-layered - it was impossible to grasp the multitudes of tiny objects and textures in a single shot. Posted below are a few details at different angles. Just a wonderful, mind-boggling assemblage, worthy of a good long contemplation. Couldn't find a personal website for Elliott but he is all over the web if you care to search.