Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eric Joyner Interview

Just got an interview in my email with our fave local boy, artist Eric Joyner. 
Written by the art bloggers, Chippy Coates and Richard Scarry
For a peek at it go here

The Rare Phone Booth, Embellished

Walking around Berkeley the other day and spotted this phone booth. Got me to thinking how rare they are nowadays and also to wonder how long before they are all gone? Gone the way of the typewriter and their lovely clacking noises, ditto machines and the cool smell the purple memos made, flashbulbs in their funky cube shapes...  Mailboxes also seem to be disappearing, there used to be one at every major corner or shopping spot and now you have to hunt for them. Newspapers are also biting the dust, the empty racks at the Bart stations are kinda depressing. 
This phone booth had been decorated by some artist and I thought it looked so cool. Some untalented tagger came along and did a little damage but it still looks fun and poppy. The stickers and ads on the phone itself were a fun juxtaposition as well.