Monday, March 28, 2011

Los Angeles Crimes Street Art

Happened upon this mural going up in LA, in the alley right across the street from Pink's Hot Dogs (Melrose and La Brea). The artists were busy working on it and what they had done was pretty cool. Not sure how the LA Times will feel about it, tho... Can't wait to see it finished.

Top Picks from "Everything But the Kitschen Sync" at La Luz in LA, Ends Today!

Every year La Luz de Jesus Gallery puts on this great group exhibit. One of my favorite shows to see each year and a great gallery. They have been exhibiting the "real" art in Los Angeles for years now, the great curator Billy Shire started it all,  more than 20 years ago. The gallery was originally on Melrose Ave. (where I became aware of it) and has since re-located to it's present location on Hollywood Blvd. Alongside Wacko this is the place to visit in LA for creative art, freaky & fun goodies and hip gifts. Not to mention there is a great Good Will is right next door! 
From their site: "This gigantic, no-theme show features works from some of the freshest and most relevant artists working today. Over 8,000 commercial illustrators, graphic designers, tattooists, scenics, students, animators and working gallery artists submitted their work for consideration, and after weeks of deliberation we narrowed it down to 123 artists showcasing just over 225 pieces."
Below are some of our faves from the show, although there were quite a few more that didn't photograph well for us. As usual, this is a jam-packed show full of fantastic and fresh new art. For all the works click on the gallery link above. Go see it today and snatch something up!
Loved both pieces by Matthew Couper
The sculptures by Greg Brotherton are wonderful!  He had another really clever race car piece here as well.
Matthew Couper
Sweet face by Antonio Roybal
Bryce Takara, elegant donkeys
Apricot Mantle, the vintage frame on this one is just outstanding. (The Formosa Cafe should be buying and hanging this one on their wall!)
Simon Sotelo, beautiful clayboard Katrina
Nicole Moan, sculpture extraordinaire
Dave Warshaw's lovely critter
One of the smallest (and best) pieces, by Miso
Apricot Mantle, great radio tube frame an added plus!
Gorgeous Marco Almera