Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Recipe of Purebred

Wednesday Kirwan, Illustrator & fine artist- Purebred 2011
Purebred is a super creative, local team of director/photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer/photo illustrator Stacey Ransom. They mix up a mean stew of imagery, culling all forms of art to create one mind-blowing narrative image. The list of ingredients to produce their final output is long - expert set design, fashion design, crazy props, makeup art and fine art - wrapped up in incredible photographs and finished off with digital skills to make your world shake. With a little help from their many talented friends, too many to credit here.

The artist, Attaboy, merged with one of his vinyl toys, " Axtrx" - Purebred
The team produces beautiful tableaus - portraits of a surreal and fantastic nature, capturing the essence of a fine artist or a mood behind an emotion. Incorporating the style, themes, and/or actual artwork - with an image of the artist into each portrait. Fooling the eye and blurring the line between fantasy and reality they create truly fantastic portraits. Some upcoming subjects include: JL Schnabel (Bloodmilk), CRAWW, 100taur and Zach Tutor of Supersonic Electronic.

Mike Davis, fine artist  - Purebred
Purebred will have six limited edition prints (both framed and unframed) at Scope New York through Sloan Fine Art, as well as an upcoming solo show in September at Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco.

Layer Cake - Purebred 2010
Alex Pardee, Fine Artist, Illustrator- Purebred 2011

Up To No Good- Purebred 2009

Josh Ellingson, Illustrator, fine artist - Purebred 2011
For updates and behind-the-scenes footage, visit their FB page here.
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Daniel Martin Diaz’s Eloquent Dead

Daniel’s art is a modern day take on old school paintings - yellowed like papyrus and mysteriously somber like church stained glass windows. His beautiful ability to merge decorative motifs, with Gothic calligraphy and iconic imagery is uncanny. With his Hispanic background, death and religion obviously play a predominant role in his works, creating a poetic and surreal afterlife of their very own. Weathered and mysterious, his art speaks richly of a secret historical  alchemy.

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in the Iconic issue, Feb. 2012
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