Friday, June 4, 2010

"The Dark Between A Double Rainbow" Exhibit, Alternative Cafe

Visited the Alternative Cafe down in Seaside (by Monterey)- finally! Been wanting to trek down there ever since noticing the newbrow art shows they have been having. Josh, at CreepMachine, turned me onto AC by curating some killer shows there. It is a nice space, not real big, but with a cafe and some definite sound equipment for events. The owner- Scott, was friendly and forth coming, chatting about his artful endeavors including the construction and design of the deco style coffee bar. 

The current exhibit is The Dark Between A Double Rainbow, with art by Jon Carling, Chloe Wilson, and Kai Peter Martin. The inked works by Jon Carling were very special. Fun little escapades of people and animals, drawn and painted on found vintage papers. He has an affinity for bird imagery, which is an added bonus. A nice body of work reminding me a little of Edward Gorey.

Also liked some of the works by Chloe Wilson, a series based on the obituaries, portraits of the recently departed. She seemed to have given them life again, whether adding her own projected personality to them or trying to depict their real lives. Great little idea for a series.

In the cafe area was a mini-exhibit of mailed-in art, including an actual clothespin with the postage and address squeezed on it. A collage postcard (above), was the stand out piece.

Next time you are in the area, stop in to support this gallery, the Bay Area needs newbrow venues! And this seems to be the only space in the area, that isn't over-flowing with the same old Carmel seascapes.
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