Friday, July 9, 2010

Modern Eden Gallery Grand Opening Exhibit

The new Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco's North Beach is somewhere to visit and support. Checked out their grand opening exhibit and was impressed by all the pieces. Some of the artists were shown in a number of past Eclectix exhibits, some were new to me - but all were high caliber choices with eclectic themes. Moody landscapes, mythical portraits, pop-surrealist pieces, gothic images and so much more! So happy to see artist Bradley Platz open this space, a much deserved venue and studio for his art, as well as for the other great artists. Michael Ryan has a number of his fantastically gloomy, classical works here and Leilani Bustamante and Marco Mejia's works are  newbrow must-sees as well. Alphonzo Solorzano and Miquel Felipe's works have a religious, folk-art-Latin feel to them with a warm, gritty street edge.

The clean, new space is purrfect - large, different bends and alcoves to it, with a number of ideal spots for sculpture display as well. It has a nice grace and flow to the overall ambiance. You might catch Bradley at work on his easel in the back area. There is handmade local artisan jewelry and fine crafts in a side store section. This exhibit is one of the best to be seen in SF right now, so get on down and see it before it closes July 14th!

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