Thursday, February 3, 2011

Roberto Osti's Wonderful Deconstructed Anatomy

Just stumbled on Robert's work and had to share. Incredible anatomy inspired works with a dry wit (in the titles...).
Check him out at his website.

Deconstructed werewolf , how cool is that?

Creative Cash and His People of Burning Man

Julian Cash is an SF photographer with an eclectic and professional portfolio, from portraits to product shots. His current project is the re-publishing of “The People of Burning Man”. The first limited edition book sold out fast and now, by popular demand, he is “kick -starting” a re-publish. A fantastic fantasy trip of the bodies and edgy people that celebrate the desert event, a vibrant way to add fun color to your world.
“Many of the images celebrate joy and life. Others were created to confront social rules that need to be challenged. Many of the photographs grew from this simple conversation: “How do you want the world to be different?” which was followed with “Let’s create an image which will help bring forth that change.”

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