Thursday, July 12, 2012

EclectixPicks:The Academy of Art Spring Show, 2012

philip prudhomme

The annual spring show of the SF Academy of Art is always an interesting, varied and eclectic mix of fresh art. This year it is exhibited at The Cannery buildings, a nice large spread of artworks between floors. There is illustration, digital, architecture, book design, animation, 3d, fine art painting, sculpture, jewelry, product and graphic design, photography and you-name-it...  something for everyone here, many quality pieces - student art that is better than many pieces of "established" artists. Was very difficult to get good pictures of all the pieces we liked, due to glare - so some gems had to be left out. Even still, we've uploaded a lot of wonderful works to a Flicker set, 52 of our favorite picks. Another great thing about the show - is it is open on Mondays when all the other art galleries are closed!

laura craig

janelle claire beranek

lotan kritchman

hsin-yao tseng

yannan kang

ping hua chou

adrianne tamar mcphail

kristen grundy