Thursday, March 22, 2012

Irresistibly Idiosyncratic at Distinction Gallery

Eclectix was able to visit Distinction Gallery on a recent trip to San Diego for a benefit. Their current exhibit is titled Irresistibly Idiosyncratic and it runs through April 7th. It is a group show of three artists, a complementary mix of styles including the artists Dan Barry, Joka and Mike Bell. 

Dan's work (above) featured anthropomorphic botanicals with a beautiful mixed media approach. Layers, spills and drips contrast with tight, fine pen and ink.

Joka's work (above) is all incredibly detailed pointillism, painted with just a toothpick! They are pop images with a twisted sense of humor and a snapshot feel. 

Mike's work comprised many tiny, pencil portraits of pop icons, on matchbook covers. We've run across other artists who work on matchbooks - most notably Jason D'Aquino. The memorable trait of Mike's work is his great sense of personality he injects into the actual matchsticks themselves. Each portrait had the perfect gesture, feel and/or addition for the particular subject. Check out the posture of Mick's hands (above) - so perfect!

(There is a lot more to Distinction Gallery which Eclectix will cover in a future post.)