Friday, April 1, 2011

Love Rabbit Art? A Twisted Spring In Your Step? The INLE Show Is For You...

The INLE Exhibit at 1988 Gallery (Melrose Ave.) in L.A. is one of the best art events going on right now. It is a show based on the novel "Watership Down" and the anti-hero, a rabbit named "Inle". There are over a hundred works in this show, cannot begin to name all the fantastic artists here - most familiar and some not. The walls are stacked salon style - spend at least an hour if not two, let your eyes feast on the candy. Check the gallery's site for all the artist's names, please. You will be astonished at the caliber of work in this show. The show is curated very well by Greg Simkins (who also has a killer piece in the show.) Even with the huge amount of wonderful art and eclectic styles and medias - there are only a few I personally wouldn't have hung. This is saying a lot, folks! All the art is online here .
You can see it in person, highly recommended,  thru April 8th - don't miss this one! A great spring thing to do with friends and a phenomenal selection of originals to select from, for your own walls.