Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Date in Emeryville, 2nd Annual Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Exhibit

For all you locals out there, this is a quick stop worth making. J.B. Lowe threw together a dynamic, eclectic array of local art at the winery Periscope Cellars in Emeryville. Some are familiar from Eclectix shows and some are new discoveries.
When I first went to a show here, years ago, I was floored by the three paintings of JB's that he had done for Periscope promotions. (Above and below)
One of J.B.'s newer works (above), from a triptych of skeletons - just as engaging.

Nemo Gould also had quite a few of his killer kinetic works here. (above) These are so much better viewed in person, as much is lost in a static photo. (more on Nemo)

Kevin Evans anthropomorphic work was the next show stopper. (above)

A groovy series of steampunk skeleton sculptures by Blair Clark captured under bell jars. (above)
The ever prolific Nicolas Caesar had a few, this pink bunny-bot pair was my fave. (above)

Lastly, the carved paintings by Sharon Eisley were fantastic. They would have fit well in the "For The Birds" exhibit. All in all, beautiful works and a really nice slice of newbrow art to experience here in the East Bay. Go!