Monday, September 26, 2011

Varnish Re-Opens With A Kick Ass Show!

New Varnish Fine Arts

This week-end Varnish Fine Arts had their grand re-opening after closing down their former location - when the city of San Francisco nabbed their space, (using "imminent domain") for a transit project. The exhibit has art by many Eclectix favorites and every piece is fantastic - a solid and fascinating array. 

The killer pieces selected below are just a small sample of the quality and imaginative works packed into the new gallery. The space is a little smaller than their last, without a bar and is located very close to where their old space was. The best exhibition going on right now in the city, so get yur sweet selves out to see it!

Jennybird Alcantara
Jennybird Alcantara, John Mosbaugh and Al Honig
Isabel Samaras
Laurie Lipton
Wish we had a bigger pic of this one by Beth Bojarski

Craig LaRotonda

Here's the all-star line up of artists:
Chris Mars
Laurie Lipton
Annie Owens
Chuck Sperry
Edith Lebeau
Robert Bowen
Kevin Evans
Robert Williams
Isabel Samaras
Craig LaRotonda
Kevin Peterson
Aunia Kahn
Sri Zeno Whipple
Dylan Sisson
Jennybird Alcantara
Scott Musgrove
Nathan Spoor
Beth Bojarski
Winston Smith
Skot Olsen