Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outlandish Art - in Walnut Creek!

"Outlandish" is the current exhibit at the Bedford Gallery and it is very worth seeing. Full of favorite locals we are familiar with and some new artists - it is a beautiful show in a great gallery space. Large, classy, brightly lit, very well hung and presented with lots of room to move and view. Some of the pieces were a bit too esoteric for my taste but overall it is a well thought out and curated show with tons of local flavor and different mediums. From their website:

"Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature — a two part exhibition that features both a juried section and an invitational... twenty-eight contemporary artists that explore themes of nature — from micro to the macro — ranging from a tiny speck of a garden to a global view of the world. This intriguing exhibition looks at over-the-top depictions of landscape from a variety of vantage points and in a range of media." 

Scrolling down are our picks from the exhibition.
 A dynamic, two-faced sculpture (in the alcove outside the front of the gallery) by John Casey & Derek Weisberg is the first piece, don't miss it - kinda easy to walk right by.

Gary Brewer
Yvette Molina

Detail from above
Tiffany Bozic
Crystal Morey

Detail from above piece
Arthur Bell
Dan Lydersen

Dan Lydersen, detail from above

Dan Lydersen
Jean Shifflet
Michael Hall
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, detail
Teresa Cunniff, resin sculptures
Jennifer Nelson
James Allison

James Allison, detail
Tim Armstrong, documentary photograph
Nicki Bernacchi

Nicki Bernacchi, detail
Tony Bellaver
Tiffany Bozic
Charlene Doiron Reinhart
Charlene Doiron Reinhart, beautiful detail from top of left head
Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes, detail