Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Goth Art, Kevin Llewellyn

If you have ever watched LA Ink and noticed that killer painting (and frame) in the background of the tattoo shop (like I did), it is The Virgin Mary by Kevin (above). At first glance I mistakenly thought it was a Shawn Barber - just love this piece! Kevin’s work is about as “goth” as it gets, nice and dark, in subject matter as well as lighting. Obviously an experienced and adept painter, his images are cool and creepy, moody portraiture with a classic old-master feel. Some have a overly pornographic element, with a cheap shock value - whereas subtle, more erotic touches would enhance his works more. Of couse, that is my humble opinion. He is a young artist and shows a lot of promise, featured here are some fantastic favorites. Kevin currently has a solo show at Wonderland Gallery in LA.

Kevin's website here.