Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Gurl Art: Cool Colette Calascione

Eclectix found Colette's work while surfing around San Francisco artists for fashion related art (for the previous 'Fierce Fashion' exhibit).  It turns out she no longer lives in S.F. but has moved to New York. Plus, she deals with only one gallery, on the East Coast. And it seems she paints very slowly, not producing much during a year. But what she does produce, is so well worth the wait. Her work has got to be seen! So... until she shows here at Eclectix,  for all you West Coasters, are just a few of her  wondrous and elegantly detailed works. They evoke the classical Old Masters with a New Mistress twist, full of surreal wit and sensuous beauty. For a link to her site, click on the title of this post... and Colette, you go, gurl!