Thursday, April 7, 2011

NEW INTERVIEW: With Delphyne Veyrat D' Urbet

Floored by a random piece of Dephyne’s art on FaceBook one day - I had to immediately “friend” her to see more. She lives in Paris, France and just visited the States and the surreal “Dystopia” show in LA. Was very surprised to not see her work in that show,  she would have been my first pick!  Dephyne paints incredible modern surrealist imagery - part morbid Goth, part Max Ernst, part Dali, part Yves Tanguy - but with a woman’s touch. In mainly black and white and some vivid reds, they feel like twisted, struggling Valentines gone awry. Changing, designing and molding body parts into fluid, volumes of dislocated anatomic parts - beautiful in their graceful dances. Delphyne kindly consented to do an interview with Eclectix and struggled to translate our questions and her answers. She has a fantastic grasp of English, (a very good thing) because we know zilch French. After a bit of re-wording to convey her thoughts, here is the final product, sometimes a bit different in phrasing than normal - but that makes it all the more wonderful.

1. My favorite art memory from my childhood is ... I'll choose my very first one, which had a powerful impact. It's a memory of sounds and floating images -  my first movie ever, (that I saw at the cinema)- "Fantasia".
I remember how strongly the classical music affected me. Riveting me to the bottom of my seat, my eyes wide open staring up at the screen. I was scared yet fascinated - by the darkness fighting with blinding brightness, the  messy, flying liquids, the bubbles emulating with crazy stars and, most importantly - the huge lightness of everything...  I was 5 year's old.

For the rest of the interview, please go here.