Monday, November 22, 2010

Seattle Street Art

Thought you all might enjoy a few pix of some cool street art that we spied on our recent trip to Seattle.

"Machine Punk" and "Hybrids" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Laurie Lipton

If you are an LAlien and are going home for the Thanksgiving holidays or if you live there in LA, make sure you go see this dual solo show at La Luz de Jesus. It is not to be missed and a fun, cool thing to do with family and friends. Both the artists - Laurie Lipton and Jessica Joslin are incredible creative forces of the newbrow art world. Laurie's intricate graphite works will have your jaw dropping. And Jessica's demented little steampunk pets will cry out for you to adopt them. 

Jessica Joslin
Both artists create beautiful works and the two of them together just makes my heart break that I can't go.. so if you can, you better!
The show ends on Saturday, November 28th, so scoot on over to Hollywood Blvd. and get some art on.