Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art For This Love Day

For all those feeling the love (and those not feeling it..) a photograph of David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini by the maestro Helmut Newton.
Something, (everything) about this photo speaks of love, romance, mystery and desire. The wonderfully tentative, yet quiding hand on her neck; the serene, serious almost-smile on her lips; the studied sensitive concentration of Lynch's face; the graceful flow of the composition and the swoon of Isabella's neck line. Helmut captures all this, with his usual genius of perfection in portrait lighting - blackest blacks, velvet grays and the white of the holy light that spills like milk across the subjects. Achingly beautiful.
Hope you feel it too.

On a stumble aside, came across Lynch's "Interview Project" again. If you haven't checked this out, do so when you have some time. Give each interview some time to load (get it started and do something else for a bit, then play it) so your patience doesn't wear thin and affect your enjoyment. These are touching, real snapshot videos of the side of rural Americana we never see in mainstream media.