Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paper Fashion, Nakao's Runway Art Attacks

Brazilian based Jum Nakao makes incredible dresses out of vegetable paper (papyrus or parchment.) They are light, lovely and delicate fashions that contrast well with the dark, robot-like, hard edged models. 
From Jum- “A term used by John Calvin: “The precise use of the vague” - which allows the reading of a more playful universe.”

He creates artistic events or happenings along with his shows. At the end of one - Desfile, the models tear the dresses off themselves, destroying them while the audience gasps in horror - LINK. In another, rats slowly tear and feed upon the dresses LINK.

“That is why we destroy everything, to show that there is something more important, something much more lasting than what people see and value at first sight.”
For an interview and overlook at some of his work - PingMag LINK And a backstage look at Jum setting up a show - LINK

A Look/See at Congregation Gallery, Los Angeles

Swooped thru Congregation Gallery on our LA trip in March to take a peek. This gallery is located in Forgotten Saints on Melrose Ave. - the gallery and tattoo space is in the back but there is art slathered all over the walls through-out. The front store section has tons of cool Goth-Victorian-Steampunk clothes and accessories, many hand-made. Most of the artists were familiar and it was wonderful to see their dark and twisted works up close and personal. It was refreshing to see a lot of 3D work and sculptures as well as paintings. Just a few of the dynamite artists who were showing- Dan Harding, Steve Rodgers, Larkin, Cam Rackkam, Krystopher Sapp and Dean Fleming
Previous Eclectix interview with Dean

The current exhibit at Congregation is three, (count em' three!) solos by - Dan Harding "Splinters", Larkin "Rhinestone Deities", and Patrick Deignan, "Bad Obsession". Check it out!

Choice Exhibit Alerts- In LA, SF, Seaside and Seattle...

Some updates for upcoming and ongoing exhibits that look just fantastic!
Dan Harding
May 14th- ongoing, Los Angeles: Congregation Gallery presents three solos - Dan Harding "Splinters", Larkin "Rhinestone Deities", and Patrick Deignan, "Bad Obsession".

Patrick Deignan


On May 21st, Los Angeles:  Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present Flight and Fable” featuring new works by three remarkable female artists from New Contemporary Fine Art Movement: Sarah Folkman, Krista Huot and Isabel Samaras.
Isabel Samaras
Krista Huot
Sarah Folkman

 May 13th - ongoing, Seaside: Alternative Cafe Gallery presents the "Fourth Annual New Brow Exhibition". Featuring the works of Anthony Ausgang, Van Arno, Shawn Barber, Chrystal Chan, Luke Chueh, Andy B. Clarkson, Amy Crehore, Adam Flores, David Joseph Gough, Eric Joyner, Jophen Stein, Kevin E. Taylor, Jason Limon, Chris Mars, Buddy Nestor, Terribly Odd, Charmaine Olivia, Michael Page, Everett Peck, Christopher Polentz, Dan Quintana, Isabel Samaras and Kelly Vivanco.
David Joseph Gough

Chrystal Chan

June 10th, Seattle - Roq La Rue presents John Brophy"The Long Arm of the Zeitgeist" and Melissa Forman"Misplaced Memories Long Forgotten"
Melissa Forman

John Brophy


May 14th - June 4th, San Francisco: Shooting Gallery is pleased to present "American Iconomics", a dual exhibition of works by Akira Beard and James Charles. The two bodies of work presented are intertwined in their subject matter – with both artists fixating on the idea of the “contemporary American icon.”
Akira Beard

James Charles