Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wanda Exhibit, New Works by Kurtis Rykovich at Kaleid Gallery, San Jose

Made it down to San Jose's Kaleid Gallery to see Kurtis Rykovich's new works, "Wanda". A heartfelt homage to his mother and the victims of breast cancer, this was a personal and emotional exhibit. I was very, very moved by the artworks and scrawled notations on the walls next to each painting. Kurtis's work had one dedicated wall in the gallery space which he painted it a loose pastel green, complete with roller paths and drips. It gave a nice contrasting edge to the primarily pink and white palette of his works. The works themselves were wonderful, sad but beautifully haunting with happy memories.
From Kurtis:
" I hope that when these paintings are viewed that they are not blunt about the disease but show a beauty and respect for those that might be going or have gone through this war."
His goal was achieved and then some; the care, tenderness and thought behind the art is obvious. These beautiful women and symbolic cures float graceful and strong in their netherworlds of hope.

The "Wanda" show is up thru April 30th, try to get down to see it. Take a gurlfriend or your mom. :)
Kaleid Gallery
Kurtis has shown in a number of Eclectix exhibits, as well a solo show "Delicate". For more of his works, visit the site here: Eclectix Available Art