Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vintage Pinball Machine Art, Even Charlie's Angels

Many months ago, (embarrassed to say how many) while in Florida, we went kickin' around the town of Delray Beach. Trying to stave off the skin cancer by moderating our fun in the sun. The town's museum - the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture had a surprisingly great exhibit up and running. 
Titled - Pinball Palooza:  the Art, the History, the Game – It was the art and history of the pinball machine from 1930’s to the present.  A collection of vintage pinball machines, pinball art, and neon arcade signs from private collections. Just loved the old school designs and illustrations on and in the machines. Talented artisans worked hard on perfecting these displays - so much wonderful eye candy!
Nowadays, the boom box noise of hip-hop and flashing gaudy lights seem to have replaced any thoughtful or stylish imagery. 
In the upstairs galleries were two fab and fun encore exhibits as well:  What a Doll!! –  the Barbie and Friends Exhibit and Les Petites Vignettes, a miniatures exhibit. May get to posting images of these sometime soon?

Jonesin' For Jean Paul Gaultier's Torso

Blazing my way thru Bloomingdale's (to get to the Westfield mall) the other day and was side swiped by the perfume display out of the corner of my eye. Usually I book it thru fast because I have a very sensitive sense of smell and most the garbage they sell for perfume is just that. Stench of moldy patchouli mixed with bathroom deodorizer.

Yet, here were the most awesome little torso bottles, just sittting there all pretty. So Madonna inspired, headless and wonderful to just look at. Already my brain was racing as to how great they would look in a window all lined up in their various colors, designs and editions. Too bad the smell was not something I liked. If they had been lemon, jasmine or authentic plumeria, then maybe...
Of course when I looked at the bottle's label, it was the grand master of fashion himself, Jean Paul Gaultier. He is one of my fave fashion designers of all time. Just chock full of outlandish artsy designs and cool looks, full of originality and extremes. So easy to appreciate on just a visual level, even if you aren't dying to trip around in those 15 inch heels. Or bare your bum to the world at large. Can't miss the opportunity to revisit some old Gautier and share some new (Lady Gaga following in Madonna's footsteps).