Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Look at Laurie Hassold's Art, Meet the Artist, June 20th

Laurie  Hassold's masterful works cry out in their own little wiggly world. At first glance, I was struck by their symmetrical, flowering grace and elegant composure. Somehow, one knows a woman created them, both beautiful yet somehow painful. At closer look, the juxtapositions in her imagery start to smack you around. They are delicate yet grisly, feminine yet macho, organic yet mechanical, cerebral yet sensual, fun but also dead serious. The ying and yang of her works are reflective of life itself and it is her singular creativity, which holds our interest and makes us want more. Sculptures which resemble organic creatures of the Alien variety, they are composed of sometimes humorous, often symbolic and always strangely wondrous recycled items. 
"Their elaborate bone-like structures give the appearance of predatory fossils from the future, aggressive bodies without minds that leave one to ask “what will reign at the top of the food chain after the human race has become extinct?” In my artistic practice, I explore the symbiosis of apparent opposites to suggest that the tension between mind and body is precisely what makes us uniquely human."

It seems she begins with a formed wire base, molded with epoxy clay and florist tape. From there the piece evolves into it's own incarnation and along the way, items are incorporated. Enamel paints, life casts, fur, chiffon, jewelry, elephant tusks, toys, found objects, lace, dolls, beads and skull parts, to name but just a few.

"My core interest in making art lies in blurring the boundaries between art, science, literature and psychology, by focusing on how these disciplines each negotiate the split between mind and body. Growing up in a physician’s household, I was exposed at a very young age to the body’s visceral workings, and by the age of eleven had witnessed a range of surgical procedures, from minor mole excisions to full hysterectomies. I continue to be fascinated with our complex, yet efficient biology, and how we, as a species, mediate our corporeal existence within an increasingly advanced technological world. Technology enables us to surpass the limits of our physical form, but how does it affect our psyche, our spirit? By using the body, both literally and symbolically, I fuse scientific with artistic practices in an effort to blur the boundaries between my own mind and body."

Laurie currently has four pieces on display in the "All-Gurlz" Exhibit at Eclectix Gallery. A Southern California resident, she will be in town at the Closing Reception on June 20th, from 6 to 8 pm.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Gurl Art: Cool Colette Calascione

Eclectix found Colette's work while surfing around San Francisco artists for fashion related art (for the previous 'Fierce Fashion' exhibit).  It turns out she no longer lives in S.F. but has moved to New York. Plus, she deals with only one gallery, on the East Coast. And it seems she paints very slowly, not producing much during a year. But what she does produce, is so well worth the wait. Her work has got to be seen! So... until she shows here at Eclectix,  for all you West Coasters, are just a few of her  wondrous and elegantly detailed works. They evoke the classical Old Masters with a New Mistress twist, full of surreal wit and sensuous beauty. For a link to her site, click on the title of this post... and Colette, you go, gurl!

Monday, May 11, 2009

100 Influential People Art

This  is a beautiful, old-master style, painting depicting 100 of the most "influential people", at least according to Time magazine. Women are playing an all-to-typically small part in their scenario of "his"tory, since none of them would exist, if it weren't for the moms out there. However, this is an interesting ponder, there are links on all the faces to info on them. So click on a few noses and have fun testing your knowledge.
Painting by Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An, 2006, oil on canvas
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Entomology: McCann's Ladybug Collection

A must see at Eclectix, Katie McCann’s latest body of works, “Entomology”, comprise elegant insects, Victorian images and recycled materials into her specimen creations & “Lady Bugs”. Using collage, beads, fabric, old photos and paint she weaves a wonderful web of eclectic personas.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

All Gurlz Again, Get Your Mom Art On!

It's time for a sneak peek at the upcoming All Gurlz show at Eclectix. Just a few of the many striking pieces of art that made it into the packed, loaded and dangerous show.
All the art is produced by women or gurlz. Get your glasses on, your checkbooks out and your mom in tow, for a fun & exciting exhibit. Because girls just wanna' have fun...