Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eclectix Interview With Artist Annie Owens

A fantastic new piece by Annie, "Ten Yard Stare",  for her upcoming solo exhibition
From the Eclectix intro-
"Artist Annie Owens grew up and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent a fair amount of her childhood, watching classic horror movies with her musician brother. After receiving a degree in film and raising a daughter; she co-founded Hi-Fructose ( my personal fave art mag ) with her partner Attaboy, a superb artist as well. Both have shown and visited with Eclectix, in our brick and mortar days - their warm enthusiasm and support for newbrow art is always a welcome spark of hope.
Annie paints and draws girls, young women and crooked little houses in an achingly beautiful way. The blackest black of her ink work contrast nicely with a muted, pastel color palette. Her style is an unexpected and welcome mix of ...."

Just one of her many great sketch-studies.

Another new piece , "Nevermore"

For info on her upcoming solo exhibit "Terribly Happy" in Los Angeles, this month, CLICK HERE.