Monday, November 8, 2010

Collection and Exhibit of Day of the Dead Art, Eclectix Volume 5

Lady of the Dead by Edith Lebeau

For Eclectix Volume 5, we've put together a spectacular selection of Day of the Dead art and related topics. Just  a few selections are posted here. This collection will continue to grow with new additions.
Enjoy all the deadly art here.
Artist: Jessica Ward
Day of the Lady Bird by Patrushka

Eclectix Interview With Genevive Zacconi

New work: Illusions of Grandeur by Genevive Zacconi
Just posted a new artist interview, this time it's with the ever so fabulous Genevive Zacconi. She has a new body of work and her upcoming exhibit at Last Rites Gallery promises to be outstanding.

Genevive in her studio