Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Dressed at the Grammy's 2011, The Artistic Ones

Foto: Pumpsicle
It's been awhile since a fashion-related post and there is nothing like a new dress from Jean-Paul Gaultier to get me going. After looking at all the boring "best dressed" picks, I decided Eclectix had to have a say! The look this year (and every year) seems to be the Vegas-hooker-meets-boring-sequins or the cheap-tart-animal-print. Thankfully, there was the streamlined, ruffled and peek-a-boo masterpiece that Rihanna wore. It was just simply a work of art. I would love to have seen Rihanna sport the black hair and cut from Uma in Pulp Fiction with this dress, for some reason the red hair just didn't work that well.
Then to top it off, out she came out in a fantastic Christian Dior dress for her performance with Eminem. Both dresses were and are- wearable art, beautiful breathtaking masterpieces and cutting that needed edge.

Foto: BeautyIsDiverse
Runway fotos

Also sporting some very cute and stylish dresses were Hayley Williams from Paramore and actress Pauley Perrette. Both had a rocker, 1960's kinda' flair, upbeat festive little party dresses, no pretense or sleaze, just fun and pretty.
Hayley Williams, Foto: JustJared
Once again. I would like to have seen a hair color change here for Hayley (above). Just imagine her hair (and lipstick) matching that hot pink neon of her feather skirt!

Just loved the musical embellishments on Pauley's hot lime green. Her hair was done up in a great retro do as well, enhancing that elfish expression in a sweet n' sassy way.

Other Grammy Notes:
The Lady Gaga egg was fun but her "new" song was so much like Madonna's "Express Yourself"  that I was very disappointed. Was so looking forward to a great NEW song by the GaGa. Congrats to Eminem for the well deserved win on his Recovery album, just please, stop the silly sagging already! And we know you have a great vocabulary, just use it more! Trash some of those over-abused cuss words and step it up a notch.

New Works by Jennybird Alcantara

Just received these wonderful new images from the ever fabulous Jennybird Alcantara. Hope you enjoy, I bloody well do! She has some new shows coming up so check her site to see if you can make them.