Monday, July 11, 2011

"The Order" Opens This Saturday

 This Saturday at Modern Eden in SF- opens a new exhibition of two artist whose works we love and have featured over the years. Titled "The Order", it draws from the imaginative collaboration of Michael Ryan and Bradley Platz. Former studio mates and long time friends, "The Order" will be Platz and Ryan's 2nd duo show after 2008's acclaimed "Portraits and Allegories" at Eclectix Gallery. 

 In this new exhibition the concepts of both artists weave together through their respective solo work and culminate to find an exact cohesion in a 2 panel diptych in which Platz and Ryan have collaborated. The dramatic piece depicts Sophia and the The Demiurge, Gnostic and platonic deities responsible for fashioning the material world out of primordial chaos. From San Francisco to Seattle the artists have put together compelling individual bodies of work that, collectively, tell a story about the incidental beauty of creating Order from Chaos.
 Modern Eden will also be showcasing a International group exhibition “The New Surrealism : A Collection of Strange”- in homage to the strange and weird, reflecting the evolving future of surrealism in the modern age. Exhibiting artists include: Steve Bartlett, Bonni Reid, Sandra Yagi, David Ball, Lee Harvey Roswell, Vahge, Adriana Michelle, Lacey Bryant, Lance Hewison, Michelle Waters, Moises Hergueta, Christine Benjamin, Kieran Collins, Emilio Villalba, Anderson Lewis, Andy B. Clarkson, Natasha Dikareva, Archer Dougherty, Samuel Araya, Baldur Helgason, and David Camisa.

When: Opening Reception: Saturday, July 16, 2011 7PM, Artists will be in attendance.
Show runs through Sunday, August 13, 2011

403 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Immaculate Deception

Eclectix has posted about Genevive and Ewelina's art before and they have a fantastic new show coming up on July 29th,  in Santa Monica at Copro Gallery. With a great title like "Immaculate Deception" one can't go wrong. These will be all new works and promise to amuse, astound and make us think - all that art should do. Especially impressive is the real depiction of the female form represented in the works shown here. So refreshing to see a woman's body that isn't painted into a sexy vixen or little girl perfection. Kudos to the artists for having the ovaries to brave a spot outside that predictable, cosmetic box.
Genevive Zacconi, "In Our Nature"
Genevive Zacconi, “Oops, I Did It Again”
From Genevive Zacconi about her works for the exhibition:
"... I've taken both themes of betrayal, and aspects within theology and integrated them into my own art. Believing that religion is a product of human imagination, I feel as though this complex explanation for existence is representative of the psyche of the greater whole of humanity, aside from religious sect; the motifs within the imagery & parable being inherent aspects of all of human life. I've therefore tried to take the topics that have stood out to me, through my Catholic upbringing, and apply them to broader issues in modern times. Human suffering, martyrdom, self-imposed victimization, and sacrifice being some of the subjects that have particularly caught my attention and which I see as having risen to the surface of my work within this show." 
Link to the Eclectix Interview with Genevive.

Ewelina Ferruso, "The Humiliation of the Virgin of Naivety and the Prayer for Divinity"
And from Ewelina Ferruso:
"The rulers of our realm press upon its inhabitants a decree for factory line productivity. We the people are driven by an insatiable need to create the shiny and new. Thus we are becoming a fast news nation, a fast food nation, a fast sex nation and in the process are starving ourselves of that mystical quality that makes us human; not dispensable animated bodies - part plastic, part clay.
As we the human race travel on this journey of truth and deception there is only one champion who will duel for our freedom. She beats inside us all; she is the path of heart."

Link to the Eclectix Interview with Ewelina.
The two artists working it - Genevive and Ewelina

Exhibition Dates: Opening- July 29th thru August 6th, 2011.