Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Checkin' Out The Art Pads at ArtPadSF, 2011

Eclectix visited ArtPadSF, one of the art fairs going on in San Francisco a couple of weekends ago. This was our favorite of the bunch, mainly due to the set up within the Phoenix Hotel.
 A very fun, hip and cool alternative to the traditional fairs which are held in large convention halls - the Pad was set up in the Phoenix, a 1960's era hotel in the Tenderloin. From the outside you wouldn't know how sweet it is on the inside. A lot has been re-done and re-furbished, including a beautiful pool - but they managed to retain the retro base. The sculpture installation over the pool greets you upon entering (see above pic), wonderful light and airy dandelion-inspired suspended pieces. The bar and restaurant area had walls of vinyl to amuse you, with favorite album covers turned outward to display, every so often - a great little decor touch. There was also a really nice red lit back wall installation with large negatives of "mod chicks" screened on the glass. It set off the vintage diner booths and eclectic lighting fixtures with a nice warm glow.

The rooms of the hotel were all turned into mini galleries, (even some bathrooms) - some much more creatively than others. Many of the rooms had the beds removed, they were more open in the traditional "gallery" sense. However the ones with the beds still in them, gave a quirky challenge to the display; some had just laid prints or art on the beds while others incorporated the bed into an art piece itself. The most creative room was the Black Rock Arts Foundation's. They worked  out - covering the walls and furnishings with craft paper, much of which had writing and crayon art, graffiti style. They had paper towels folded in the bathroom and paper sheets on the beds.

Many favorite galleries and artists were represented as well as some new, fresher ones. The following pictures represent our favorite finds, some in detail shots. There were so many great art works here it was just a joy to slowly amble from room to room taking each little "art world" in. There was an enjoyable mix of eclectic tuneage playing in the pool courtyard while you perused.
Wonderfully gooey portrait by Ray Turner

Intricate papercut sculpture, Lyndi Sales

Got see a Brian Dettmer up close and personal!

Jamie Vasta had a number of really wonderful portraits, all "painted" with glitter on wood. Sparkly and spectacular, really hard to capture in a photograph!
 Jamie Vasta

 Jamie Vasta

 Jamie Vasta

Nick Gentry's "floppy disk faces" were another pleasant surprise to see in person...

Nick Gentry

Local Oakland sculptor Derek Weiberg's piece in room
The pink frame on Scott Scheidly's most excellent Hitler portrait just cracked me up.
Brian Viveros and others....

A beautiful piece by Sandi Calistro
Watercolor trees on newspapers by Phillip Hua

Detail, Phillip Hua
Knock out masterpieces by Edward Walton Wilcox
Tatiana Suarez's emotive dame

Kent Williams

Mercedes Heinwein
Linda Vallejo makes 'em all Mexican...

Another new discovery was the art of Lee Harvey Roswell...  his name alone was a riot! These pieces were surreal Dali-meets-angst, sexy street cred with great traditional skills. 
Lee Harvey Roswell

Lee Harvey Roswell

Lee Harvey Roswell

Lee Harvey Roswell

A painted cigar box by Carolyn Meyer

Art filled bathroom in one of the motel rooms

Robert Berman Gallery- "bed" display- love the rumpled sheets!
While we visited there was a synchronized swimming performance in the pool. This performance was organized and produced by Bean Gilsdorf and Tsunami Swim, a local SF team. It was a truly wonderful treat to top off the day.