Monday, January 9, 2012

An Ephemeral Visit With Arabella

Arabella Proffer

Dropped into the SF opening of Arabella Proffer's new solo show and finally got to meet her after years of a web relationship. She kindly shipped many works to Eclectix for exhibits from her home in Cleveland. Arabella and her new works were both looking stunning and ever-so-fashionable. This is a great little space and Arabella's works were a good fit among the "Loved To Death" store inventory. I have my heart set on acquiring a fantastic black umbrella/cane I saw there. And Arabella could certainly use one for her hurt leg, although it didn't stop her from mingling with all the art lovers there.  Many of the pieces were studies of lovely ladies going thru barbaric medical procedures from the Middle Ages, each with an interesting little bio next to the work. These are fantasy histories compiled by the artist to accompany each image.  My favorite in the show was the Black Madonna (below) a wonderfully strong & commanding piece. It was one of the smaller iconic pieces - they are all such a bargain, get on down and snap one up before they're gone! Enjoy the pictures from the show in the meantime.

“Soliloquies from the Silent Country”, Lacey Bryant's Upcoming Solo in SF

Modern Eden Gallery is hosting  “Soliloquies from the Silent Country”, new paintings and sculptures by San Francisco Bay Area artist Lacey Bryant. This will be Bryant's debut solo exhibition in San Francisco.

"Theatrically posed and surrounded by lush, illusory environments, the subjects of Lacey's works are like illustrations in a picture book written in an unknown language. The images are somewhat familiar but certain elements remains foreign. Like a hazy dream of an imagined childhood long forgotten, the images strive to make you feel as if you just might have been there once, maybe. The stage is set in an imagined world of natural beauty beneath ominously stormy skies. It is a world poised between now and once upon a time. " - via Modern Eden

The opening reception will be held at Modern Eden on Saturday, January 21st from 6‐9 pm. It will be up through Feb. 5th, 2012.