Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Banksy Art Attack

Found another great Banksy piece on the web... the caption alone might just make it one of my favorites.

New York's "Sidewalk Catwalk", Mannequin Street Art on Broadway

Stumbling around the hot and humid garment district in New York City, I ran into some great mannequin art. Delightful to find this street art plopped down amidst the hordes of tourists and NY walkers.
The "Sidewalk Catwalk" project asked  25-30 designers to create a mannequin in their style, but using materials that will hold up to the elements. The materials also had to be found and produced locally. The mannequins will remain lined up on the pedestrian mall from Herald Square to Times Square through Sept. 3, like a really long runway show frozen in place. They will be sold through an auction at to benefit Materials for the Arts. Part of the idea was to showcase the design work that still happens within the garment district, which has been hurt, since its historic core of manufacturing jobs largely disappeared. Most companies now produce their clothes elsewhere, like China, taking much needed funds and jobs from the local area. 
I really loved the dress made out of a real parachute by Victor Alfaro, as well as the pink Betsy Johnson with the fresh flower belt.

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