Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You've a few days left to catch Kelly Tunstall's wonderful show at 111 Minna Gallery, it's up until Friday, Sept. 30th. These are new works by local artist Kelly and the show is titled "Secret State"

"The Secret State examines civilization’s long romance with the examination of the space that we inhabit and our scale within it; the exhibition itself is aimed not at providing any comprehension of our universe’s truths, but instead, at celebrating the joy of discovering new clues to their elaborate puzzles and the spaces between.  Large and small works present a think tank of characters; a seer, a scientist/naturualist, an astronomer, and a doctor/engineer all bravely led by Alexander the Great and a shape-shifting machine."

Boy Oh Boy! Julie Heffernan

Self Portrait Holding Up, (cropped)

Currently at Catherine Clark Gallery in SF is a solo show of Julie Heffernan's surrealist paintings, "Boy Oh Boy II". We love her art and was great to see these large and colorful works in person, the details really get lost on the web. The show is up thru Oct. 29th - be sure to get in there too see these. We took some detail shots from background and foreground areas for all you who might be interested. They are like little mini paintings within the larger work, incredible.

Detail from Self Portrait Holding Up (top)

Detail from Self Portrait Holding Up (top)
Budding Boy

Detail from Budding Boy

Detail from Budding Boy

Detail from above piece

Detail from above piece

Detail from above piece

Last Rites Double Header

Shelf Life by Tin
Last Rites Gallery in New York has two great shows opening this weekend. Previously we posted about Laurie Lipton's "Carnival of Death" and Tin's exhibition is titled "The Internal Clock". Both of the artists have beautiful and interesting perspectives to share.  A promising no-brainer for a festive start to our favorite month of October, if you are lucky enough to be in NYC!

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 1st, 7:00pm-11:00pm.
Show runs Oct 1st thru 23rd, 2011

Reunion by Laurie Lipton

The Mistress of All Pencil Pushers: Laurie Lipton

Lachrymose Lace - Lipton

Born in New York and very well traveled, Laurie Lipton currently lives in Los Angeles. She creates wonderfully detailed and super tight renderings of haunted Victorian scenarios. Working mostly in pencil, charcoal and etchings. Laurie's surreal worlds contain narratives of ghostlands - staid skeletons, vintage housewives and Big Brother - all hold court in a tapestry of gothic science fiction. Modern postcards anointed with mischievous glee, political stabs, fancy lace perfection and witty twists.

 Laurie’s upcoming solo show (above) opens Oct. 1st. at Last Rites in New York City, on view thru Oct. 23rd, 2011.

Link to Laurie Lipton's Portfolio & Website

(Originally posted in the Eclectix  "Bad To The Bone" Issue, Sept. 2011,
 along with the permanent online exhibit of anatomy-related art, LINK HERE.)