Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art at Hal's Bar & Grill

We got hungry doing all the art hopping in Venice so we ducked into Hal's Bar & Grill for some munchies and libations. Incredible food and drinks and a few pieces of art knocked our socks off.

Took a  few photos (top and below) of this great 3 dimensional portrait by Mikel Alatza but they just don't begin to capture how arresting this work was. Apparently it is a portrait of Hal the owner.

A beautiful, large black & white photograph by Kwaku Alston also eluded a good shot, thanks to the glass frame. This soulful piece rocked - a reenactment and posed shot of blues great Robert Johnson. It captured a true vintage feeling with the roots of the musician in an elegant and authentic way.

"European Bailout" Pix From The Post No Bills Gallery in Venice, Ca

Another great art space we visited on Abbot Kinney in Venice, was Post No Bills and their "European BailOut" show. A Venice based print shop - this is a large, very open space with lots of room for art. Couldn't find an informative website for them, this may be a very new gallery. On the very back wall they had ever-fun Banksy prints for sale. Lots of art worth seeing in the show and as usual we have some selected images to share (and close-up details too!)

Collage portrait works by Jonathan Yeo, - Arnold

Jonathan Yeo

Detail, Jonathan Yeo

Antony Micallef
Mode 2 -  I never thought a cardboard box could be so sexy!
Ian Francis
Ian Francis
Detail from above
Some skull bunnies in the window by Paul Insect

Wall of Banksy prints


and more Banksy....

There were quite a few very beautiful and strong sculptures by Antony Micallef, so shiny they looked like they had been dipped in mercury. I loved the fact that the crates they were shipped in, became the bases for their display, complete with postal and shipping markings. 
Gleaming sculptures by Antony Micallef

Detail, Antony Micallef