Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Hat's Off to Coppola

Skimmed thru the Sonoma Magazine, found an interview they had with Francis Ford Coppola about his new winery park he is building. 

Thought this was a great quote from him and had to share-
 “Don’t you always notice, you go anywhere, there’s always a big line of ladies at the bathroom, and never at the men’s? That’s because they need more facilities, given all things. He said, OK, we’ll have twice as many lady’s rooms. And I said, OK, that’s fine.” 
But then, Coppola  recounts, “they went to the Planning Department, and they came back and said, well you know the Planning Department  doesn’t require that you build twice as many lady’s rooms as men’s, so let’s not do it. I said why? Oh, they said, because it’s not code. You don’t have to do it. I said, I’m not doing it for the code. I’m doing it because there should be twice as many ladys rooms as men’s rooms. And the people will hear. " 
From Sonoma Magazine

Thanks, Francis, I heard...


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    While I agree in principle, I disagree in execution. As a man who has been unable to find a men's room in a place where they are not paired with a ladies' room, I suggest just making each ladies' room twice as big.