Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Visit to the Saatchi Gallery in London

The Saatchi Gallery has built quite a name for itself and has a formidable online presence. I have heard about it for years and was looking forward to a visit. It was a very nice space, tons of room and a few floors in a very modern building. However, the current exhibit "Newspeak: Bristish Art Now" left me hungry for better art, a let down. Once again, that mantra runs thru my head- 'what a great show this could have been!' There were many artworks by different artists in various media, mostly soul-less images leaving me dry and cold. The ones that weren't extremely contrived and pretentious were downright amateur.
On to the plus side - the "Cher Che" by Scott King (above) was a welcome and humorous relief. Just loved it! The funky bird painted screen (below) was just wonderful. After digging around the Saatchi site I gave up on finding the artist's name. Could have, should have written it down.
I also really enjoyed Phoebe Unwin's "Girl" (below)
and Edward Kay's "The Losers" (below)

The shining star of the show (for me) was William Daniel's "William Blake II", (below). This is a fantastic oil portrait with elements of cubism and collage, an eclectic, strong and emotional image. For a good blurb on this piece, go here.

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