Friday, May 27, 2011

artMRKT San Francisco 2011 Review

Detail - Sean Cheetham
Wonderful lady atop her fabulous tent dress at the artMRKT entrance.

It was a big weekend in SF for art, lots of art fairs going on. Eclectix visited two, the artMRKT and the ArtPadSF. ArtPad was our favorite for reasons (saved for a later review and post), however artMRKT was really rewarding and worthwhile. It was held at the Concourse Exhibition Center in downtown San Francisco, a gigantic space with a ton of great art. There were many familiar artists whose work we love and have reviewed in the past plus many new. We have featured images of most, concentrating on our favorite picks of the newer (to us) artists. Many of the images are large and cropped to allow the detail to show. Our apologies for not getting the names of all the artists, all the fantastic art affected our brain functions a little. (Plus the art fairs all have bars just like at opening receptions, after many hours it all adds up!) If you do know the name of the uncredited ones, please comment and we will update the posts. If you decide to go next year and are pressed for cash, search around the web for free tickets, they are easily obtainable. But try to support the fairs if you can. Enjoy the art, we sure did!

Chris Antemann

Chris Antemann

Need the artist's name...

Need the artist's name...

Love the textures in these portraits - Need the artist's name...

Great white faced, little black girl with cotton flowered hair - Need the artist's name...

David Michael Bowers

Talk about realism! - (Detail of above) - David Michael Bowers

Detail of a Mark Ryden

Chester Arnold

Shin-Young An

Detail,  Shin-Young An
Jason Walker

Jason Walker

Scott Yeskel

Joe Brubaker

Joe Brubaker

Need artist's name...
One of two huge incredibly commanding and detailed pieces by Ian Ingram
Robert Van Vranken

John Tarahteeff

Detail - John Tarahteeff

Mike Stilkey

Great photograph! - need artist's name....

Joan Brown

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