Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Eclectix Interview With Sean Chappell

We just posted a new interview with surrealist artist Sean Chappell...

Sean was born in Oshawa, Ontario, the first first-generation Canadian to be born to English immigrants. He now lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Sean’s work is a surreal and fantastic trip through his imagination. Warped and globular pieces of brain matter float and twist themselves into various scenarios and landscapes of the mind. Pumpkins, anatomy, monsters, organic life forms and fantastic explosions of color unfold in shadowed desert tableaus.  
We first discovered Sean’s work while searching for artists for our Halloween “Dementions” exhibit and were blown away by the scope of his dementia ( a good thing)  and his excellent painterly skills. His most recent works are based on alcoholism and the dehumanizing effects of addiction. His work is strong, opinionated and hard hitting, a welcome oasis in the current oatmeal art catalog of semi-nude, pretty little girls. Intense and emotional works that drive thought and contemplation of our humanity....

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