Friday, August 5, 2011

Carved Matchstick Sculptures

These tiny sculptures are all the size of a matchstick! 
A simple and original message from the Makati City Fire Station (above).  Great advertising from DDB.

Above Three: Publicado Por Dr.Fofato, Dos Fosforos Bailando Tango and Santa by Javier Gobai 

 Don’t you just love the fact that he used a match head for Santa’s sack?

 Above: Mythology matchsticks - Venus de Milo, David and Mercurio  by Christian Hernandez

Monkey by Linda Master

Parrot by Linda Master

Artist unknown, Photo by Steven Depolo 

(Originally posted in the Eclectix "BURN" Issue, July 2011,
 along with the permanent online exhibit of fire-related art, LINK HERE.)

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