Monday, October 24, 2011

Vancouver Art: Shary Boyle's "Flesh and Blood"

Eclectix visited Vancouver, BC in our summer travels and have some goodies to share. The first is artist Shary Boyle and her exhibition at the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery. We searched the city for solo shows of merit and this, sadly, was the only one! There was a plethora of boring, tourist art in most the galleries, lots of pretty, scenic waterscapes and not much else. Shary's show was a great surprise.

This was a truly eclectic show, Shary created delightful modern day sculptures with a vintage feel, strong paintings and drawings and a trippy, kinetic light installation (as the main focal point of the show). Her subject matter ranged through women's roles and self perceptions, the environmental woes, spirituality and humanity's follies- with verve, balls and emotion. Thankfully, Shary actually has something to say and is not afraid to express it.

Capturing the changing projections, the many-layered dimensions in the installation in the photos (below) was very difficult. It was a treat to immerse yourself in, in person, letting the shdows play over your own body. Much like the central, sculpted figure with her web - the viewer was involved in "catching" the imagery- pretty, flickering Easter Egg colors juxtaposed with peaceful yet moving statements, it was a 3D experience we really enjoyed and lingered in. 

From the gallery's notes:
 "Boyle creates installations that examine a range of psychological and emotional situations rooted in a fictional world. Her position is at once feminist, yet poetic, located within dreamlike states. Tense with troubled emotions, possessing an expressive immediacy and poised between grace and strangeness, her portraits and ‘genre scenes' read as allegories of the human condition. Their resolutely symbolic language raises bold perspectives on the present, revealing a conscience haunted by a consideration of the morals of our world today."

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