Friday, November 25, 2011

The Western Angst of Amy Guidry

Amy paints our “wild west” while hinting at humanities’ sad ability to wipe out the “wild”. 
About this series - she says:  "In Our Veins" explores the connections between all life forms and the cycle of life. Through a psychological, and sometimes visceral, approach, this series investigates our relationships to each other and to the natural world, as well as our role in the life cycle. Concepts such as life and death, survival and exploitation, and the interdependence and destruction of living and nonliving organisms are illustrated throughout.”

For the Eclectix Interview with Amy and more of her fabulous works, click here.

For Amy's website, click here.
Some images posted here have been cropped.

(Originally posted in the Eclectix  "Bad To The Bone" Issue, Sept-Nov. 2011,
 along with the permanent online exhibit of anatomy-related art, LINK HERE.)

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